How Much Does a Road Trip to Norway Cost?

Highlights, Itinerary & Costs of a Norway Road Trip

Norway is a destination full of charm, adventure and stirring landscapes. After travelling the south of Norway in 2019 I had a huge craving for more. For my 2022 yearlong travel sabbatical Northern Norway was the first destination on my list.


In this blog I share practical information such as; my personal 10 highlights, their location and what the trip cost. Norway is an expensive place to travel but if you have the funds, the experience will gift you with priceless memories.


If you would like to read more about my personal journey through Norway, check out My Artic Circle Dairy


When to Travel Northern Norway

I gave myself 7 weeks to tour the artic plus 2 weeks for travelling up the country and back down (over 4,000 miles in total). I choose to spend most of my time in the shoulder season (mid August – end of September). This did mean that I missed the mid night sun (last date is the 31st of July) but it gave me long light days without the crowds and the freezing temperatures. I was also able to see 2 weeks of Northern lights before I travelled back down South.  

Total Costs & Breakdown

Norway Road Trip Costs
Scandinavia Road Trip

Please note I did not include transport costs from the UK to the Netherlands. I paid £715 for a return ferry ticket from Hull to Rotterdam. Travelling by the Eurotunnel and ferry from Dover to Calais can save you 2/3’s of what I paid but make sure to include travel time and fuel for the extra milage to get a true comparison. For me personally I took this ferry for convenience as I live in Hull.


If you would like to stop and spend some time in the Netherlands see 8 Fun Things to Do in the Hague for some inspiration.


Knowing how expensive Norway is, I stocked up on food and wine before I set off from the UK. I spent £320 on supplies which could have costs double the amount if I had bought them in Norway. 

My Bucket List for Northern Norway

Norway Highlights
Glacier Norway
Isbreen Galcier
Northern Lights Lofoten
Northern Lights in Lofoten
Hiking Matinden
Ocars Norway
Orcas in Andenes
Surfing in Norway Unstad
Surfing in Unstad
Moose in Norway
Wild Moose near Midnattsolveiwn
Reindeer Norway
Reindeer Rush Hour
North Cape Sunset

I hope this information helps! For more highlights go to My Artic Circle Dairy.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask in the comment box below!


Much Love Emma xxx

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